Know your Air Conditioning SEER Rating

Do you know your Air Conditioner’s SEER Rating?

Knowing a thing or two about how an air conditioner’s SEER rating works can help you save money and energy down the road. The following infographic will help you understand a little more about the importance of paying attention to the SEER rating of an air conditioning unit. For instance, a central AC with a SEER of 14 is at least 50% more efficient than one built just ten years ago.

Having an efficient central air conditioning units is one of the fastest and most noticeable ways to knock some serious coin off of your energy bill every month. Of course, having an energy efficient home is also a crucial part of living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

If you are shopping for a new air conditioning unit for your home, arm yourself with facts and purchase responsibly. Your energy costs and the Earth will be better off as a result! Or better yet, ask your HomeSource project manager which unit to use for your home.


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